April 24, 2015

Simply Done: Smart(er) Home

Welcome to the home of my new weekly client! Have I mentioned I love my job? Well, I do...so there's that. ;-) But what I love even more is meeting new people with new challenges and helping them get organized. Simply. 

Recently, this precious family of 3 renovated their home and not only is it stunning, it's a smart home.  But with Simply Organized, it's about to become even smarter. This is a classic case of undergoing a renovation, moving a couple times while the work was being completed, and then unpacking quickly to get everything out of boxes...because you were desperate to get settled at home again. Then, add on top of that...no systems or solutions in place. 

No one is to blame here. We've all been in this spot. Sometimes we move into a new house and suddenly morph into deer in headlights. You don't know where to begin or where to put items because you haven't lived in the new space yet. In time those defined spaces and routines become evident...but you're already buried and don't know where to start...how to dig out...how to get organized. 

That's when you call in a professional for help...and a whole bunch of fun too!

April 18, 2015

One Day I'm Going To Get More Organized - More Office Tweaking

Bet you thought I forgot about this little series, didn't you? Ha! My friends, have faith in this lady. I got you. I'm so grateful my business took off as quickly as it did, but while I'm busy helping other people...spaces in my own home are being neglected. My blogging time may be limited in this stage / transition...but you should see my list of blog posts. This series is still near and dear to me and it will go on.

And it is - today!

April 11, 2015

Organized Special Needs Paperwork + A Giveaway!

Popping in on this beautiful Saturday to share an organization idea as well as a generous giveaway! You guys know I love talking about organization and sharing a giveaway with you....but this giveaway is a special one. One near and dear to this mommy's heart.

April 10, 2015

Simply Done: Organized Garage - Phase 1

The garage.

The spot where everything goes until you figure out what to do with it. Or as is the case in my professional experience, the spot where items go until they end up getting donated. So I thought it was particularly funny the other day when I saw this comedy bit by Jerry Seinfeld...

"Garage may just be a form of the word garbage.". 

And I pretty much fell over laughing when he said "once you're living in the same room as the garbage cans, well...it won't be much longer now.".

He's too much!

All jokes aside, do you notice how most of the stuff you bring out of the house and into the garage doesn't end coming back in? Does it simply end up being donated when you finally get around to it? I think his little bit is a perfect example in making a conscious effort to think through a purchase before actually making it. 

Garages are a huge issue when it comes to organization. It's essentially a large room in your home where a car (or two, if you're lucky) is supposed to live along with other random things like tools, bikes, and misc home products that don't have a place to live inside. These days a lot of us park outside and use the garage as an extra room, work space, workout space, or play area for the kids. But mainly, what I've been seeing lately (whether I'm working for someone or not - you know you've driven by and seen "those" garages!) is that garages are super unorganized. This isn't anyone's fault - most people struggle with where to begin to get organized in a garage. Fact is, it took a while to get to this point...and that means it will take a little while to sort it out. But IT WILL get sorted out - don't be down about it!

Like every other area in your home, I love to see a garage that is organized and a space that makes it easy to find what you need when you need it. So, if you're lucky enough to have a garage, make it work for you! This is easy if you create zones.

March 30, 2015

Simply Done: Pretty in Pink

Another precious little girl, another organized girly bedroom! You'd be hard-pressed to find me unhappy any day of the week. Especially when I'm blessed to work with awesome clients, in fun spaces - like this one! Sure this room may have started out a little unorganized...

March 29, 2015

Six Weeks of Spring Order Challenge: Week 1 - Clear Kitchen Clutter

If you've been reading the blog a while, you know I have a very small kitchen. Small as in "17 feet long x 4 feet wide" of kitchen. Let's go ahead and say it's basically a hallway. And the kids treat it as such...which has become a challenge when I open an appliance door and they unexpectedly come flying through.

Let's take a quick look at my kitchen overall. Here it was before move-in...

March 25, 2015

Simply Done: Little Boy Elfa & Tough Lessons Learned

So...I'm not perfect.

Iiiiiiiii know, that confession came as a surprise to you, huh? Psh! News flash - no one is perfect. And I sometimes surprise myself with just how exaggerated the "not perfect" is in that statement about me. Yes, even us professionals are still learning on the job, running head first into new conundrums week after week. Truthfully, I love it when it happens because I never want to stop learning, always want to be on my toes, pay attention to every last detail and further delve into this profession with loads of hands-on experience - both good and bad!

While you're going to see a great before and after closet makeover today...you're also going to see some of the not-so-great that came along with this job.

March 18, 2015

Simple Solution: Contained Plasticware

When I'm working with clients, we tackle organization in the moment. As we work through a space, I'm paying attention to what needs to be contained as we near the end of a session. This generally means I'm shopping around their home for containers. My goal is to finish the space and have everything contained neatly before leaving. There are definitely times a purchase is necessary or we're brainstorm ideas, but for the most part - it's amazing what you can find by simply walking around your home.

This simple solution is a great example of shopping your home first.