May 20, 2015

DIY Garage Mudroom : A Fresh Coat of Paint

Before moving into this house nearly 2 years ago, every surface was freshly painted. There's nothing better than moving into a home with a clean slate. But I knew with 3 kids living here, perfect walls wouldn't last long. Even in the garage!

In years past on the blog I've shared dreams of having a mudroom in the garage. Remember this inspiration photo I shared 3 years ago?...

Amazing, huh? Still in love with this today - it's a classic!

May 12, 2015

Maximize Bathroom Space with Shower Shelf + A Giveaway!

In the average home, bathrooms are small spaces. When it comes to keeping a small bathroom organized, there are challenges to tackle...especially when you're sharing that bathroom with someone or it's a bathroom shared by children.

You've gotta get creative with storage and organization in a space like this!

In my own home, I have 2 tiny bathrooms downstairs. These are the original bathrooms from 1960, when the home was built. They are small and only have a few little upgrades / new paint, but the size and lack of hidden storage is a constant struggle because these bathrooms are used by 3 children and our guests. Of course, you guys know me - I take on small spaces with a smile. Nothing gets past this professional organizer. I think outside the box and make small spaces in this home work extra hard.

For starters, this bathroom is shared by my 8 and 5 year olds as well as guests that visit us...

May 7, 2015

Simple Solution: Organized Kid Socks

If you've got kids, you've got socks. Of all varieties. Including socks that mysteriously lose their match. And let's be real, it's not only socks that are the issue. Hello, shoes! Shoes are an equal struggle. Kids are learning and developing habits and, God bless them, they try their best. But more often than not I'm hearing from clients about their frantic school / weekend mornings... running around the house looking for shoes. I can relate - it's an issue in my home too. If children's socks and shoes are an issue for you, I have a simple idea that works well - for me and my clients!

So first things first, my suggestion is a new house rule - no shoes in the house. If you have a spot outside your door to the garage (most of us do) where you can set up a simple shelf, this is a great spot for shoes to rest before kids cross the threshold. If you don't have a space like this, consider creating one in your entry closet. This means shoes will always be exactly where you look - the first time. No more searching around the house. No more not finding a match.

April 29, 2015

VLOG: Magazine Files

One of my favorite topics to chat about here on the blog is when I share easy, inexpensive, simple organization solutions with you. I've shared many products over the years here on the blog...products that have all been tried and tested by me and my clients. Recently I shared an easy solution used in my own home office...magazine files!...

I can't express enough how much these magazine files have changed my office space. Everything that was once taking up priceless drawer space is now organized vertically in these little gems. Love. This.


April 28, 2015

Simply Done: A Garage for Him - Part 1

Most of the clients I work one-on-one with are women, but occasionally I get so excited when the man of the house offers some input. This tends to happen in just a few spaces, mainly the garage. So when this absolutely adorable family hired me a few weeks ago to help change their home for the better, the husband was all in (right away!) and begged me to start in the garage.

Now, typically I leave the garage for last. During our process together, the garage ends up being the space where questionable items go to live until we're done with the complete interior. During the weeks we work together, items may go out and come back in if we find a new spot or use. But he was desperate to start in the garage and here's why. These are images I snapped from my cell during our consult...again, no judgement allowed. This family is lovely and very dedicated to their extended families and children...

Yup, after first glance I agreed with Dad - let's begin here!

April 26, 2015

Pantry Organization with Eye-D Bands + A Giveaway!

Happy Monday, friends! Welcome to a new week here at Simply Organized. Monday's are always awesome for me when I can share a new organization product and giveaway with sweet readers. And that's exactly what's happening today. So let's not waste another breath and get to it.

I'm especially excited about this product / giveaway...not only has it changed my pantry, it's a product I guarantee each and every one of you will love and appreciate as well.

Meet Eye-D Bands...

April 24, 2015

Simply Done: Smart(er) Home

Welcome to the home of my new weekly client! Have I mentioned I love my job? Well, I there's that. ;-) But what I love even more is meeting new people with new challenges and helping them get organized. Simply. 

Recently, this precious family of 3 renovated their home and not only is it stunning, it's a smart home.  But with Simply Organized, it's about to become even smarter. This is a classic case of undergoing a renovation, moving a couple times while the work was being completed, and then unpacking quickly to get everything out of boxes...because you were desperate to get settled at home again. Then, add on top of systems or solutions in place. 

No one is to blame here. We've all been in this spot. Sometimes we move into a new house and suddenly morph into deer in headlights. You don't know where to begin or where to put items because you haven't lived in the new space yet. In time those defined spaces and routines become evident...but you're already buried and don't know where to to dig to get organized. 

That's when you call in a professional for help...and a whole bunch of fun too!

April 18, 2015

One Day I'm Going To Get More Organized - More Office Tweaking

Bet you thought I forgot about this little series, didn't you? Ha! My friends, have faith in this lady. I got you. I'm so grateful my business took off as quickly as it did, but while I'm busy helping other people...spaces in my own home are being neglected. My blogging time may be limited in this stage / transition...but you should see my list of blog posts. This series is still near and dear to me and it will go on.

And it is - today!