March 25, 2015

Simply Done: Little Boy Elfa & Tough Lessons Learned

So...I'm not perfect.

Iiiiiiiii know, that confession came as a surprise to you, huh? Psh! News flash - no one is perfect. And I sometimes surprise myself with just how exaggerated the "not perfect" is in that statement about me. Yes, even us professionals are still learning on the job, running head first into new conundrums week after week. Truthfully, I love it when it happens because I never want to stop learning, always want to be on my toes, pay attention to every last detail and further delve into this profession with loads of hands-on experience - both good and bad!

While you're going to see a great before and after closet makeover're also going to see some of the not-so-great that came along with this job.

March 18, 2015

Simple Solution: Contained Plasticware

When I'm working with clients, we tackle organization in the moment. As we work through a space, I'm paying attention to what needs to be contained as we near the end of a session. This generally means I'm shopping around their home for containers. My goal is to finish the space and have everything contained neatly before leaving. There are definitely times a purchase is necessary or we're brainstorm ideas, but for the most part - it's amazing what you can find by simply walking around your home.

This simple solution is a great example of shopping your home first.

March 16, 2015

So You Want To Blog: Who & What Are You?

Last week I was invited to speak at my local SF NAPO Chapter meeting on the topic of blogging. Number one, I am so not a speaker. Hello, I write a blog and work one-on-one with organization clients. Sitting behind the computer or organizing stuff with my peeps...that is my comfort zone. But I love my chapter so I lost the arm wrestle contest accepted the invite, sucked it up and ended up having a great time...with engaging conversation at the end.

Which brings me to number two, the topic of blogging is big. Huge, in fact. I couldn't possibly cover it all. We decided to break it down and I spoke specifically about attracting a readership / traffic to your blog. But big surprise, I couldn't even cover all of that in the allotted time.

Then I had an idea (at 2am) to write a series here on the blog about blogging. This is a series I'll be sharing with my fellow chapter members as well as all of you. Oh, you're so lucky!

March 11, 2015

VLOG: Inside A Professional Organizer's Wallet

Been a while since I've shared a video on my You Tube channel. One of my business goals for 2015 is getting over there more often. However, I wasn't anticipating the pick up in real-life clients during the start of the New Year. But I promise, whenever I have a quick moment to pop in with a simple organization tip, you can count on me doing that and alerting you about it over here.

Yesterday I met up with a friend and she fell in love with my wallet. This wallet is sooooo not your typical girly wallet. But in all honesty, I'm not that type of girl. I found it at Rite Aid (a local drug store) about 9 months ago. It called my attention because the label said there was a hidden compartment. I'm all about hidden storage so I took a closer look and purchased it.

I've been in love ever since.

As I mention in my video, my personal opinion is spend your money on a good purse...who cares what the wallet looks like?! It's hidden away in your purse anyway, right?

Enjoy a tour of my wallet!...

(I linked up with iheart organizing)

March 9, 2015

Simply Done: A Happy Little Playroom

If you're blessed to have children, chances are high you're also blessed with an abundance of toys. And you're really blessed if you have a playroom where these toys can live. But like any other area of your home, a playroom can easily get out of control when you don't have systems in place or spend time every now and again purging. Actually, scratch that - playroom's are unlike any other area in your home...they're in a category all their own! Let's remember the population living in / using this room. Ha!

March 7, 2015

Simple Solution: Magazine Files

Getting organized is simple.

This statement should come as no surprise to all of you...especially coming from me! The queen of simple organization ideas. Oh yes...thank you and yes please...I'll gladly grab accept that crown.

I've been swamped with fun clients lately, so while I was fired up and happy, my poor home office was feeling pretty worn down. I found I was needing to do a little re-org. Yes, again - ha! Honestly, home offices...these spaces are an ongoing project, my friends. Mine fits in that category. For those reading along for a while, you may remember when I tweaked this little corner. Here it was before...

March 2, 2015

Get Organized For Tax Season (& More) with Samsill + A Giveaway!

Happy Monday! Not sure about you, but I love starting a new week here on the blog by talking an awesome organization product AND an incredible giveaway. I love connecting with organization companies...but what I really love is spoiling you!

Do you have your tax papers organized for tax season? At the rate this year is flying, April 15 will be here before you know it. My new friends at Samsill have just the product to help you get those tax papers gathered up and ready to go. But before I share it with you, I wanted to mention that they offer a whole lot more to their customers!

Samsill Corporation is one of the World's largest independently owned manufacturers of business accessories, laptop cases, media storage, ring binders and sheet protectors. Samsill's mission is to provide innovative office solutions which protect, organize, present and transport information and digital accessories. They are constantly pursuing excellence in people, products and performance. And the company is rooted in a strong set of standards and values.

This is my kind of company! A great company and great products!

Now meet their Trio Binder...

February 25, 2015

Simply Done: In 3 Hours Time...

It's a happy day for this lady because I have a free hour to write a blog post. What? How did this happen?! You guys, I am loving my little business and the impact it's making (and I LOVE meeting new people / families!)...but I'll be totally honest and admit I sometimes long for those simple ol' blog days. Where I came up with a few projects a week around this house and shared it here. Not worried about it though. I'm actually very happy and know I'll soon find the balance to share both things happening here as well as projects completed with Simply Organized clients. And of course I love sharing giveaways with you guys....and speaking of, I have quite a few of them waiting in the wings. Just need the time here to get them up!

With that said, I do believe sharing other spaces besides my own keeps it real and true to life here on the blog. What and how I organize at home is completely different in someone else's home. Everyone puts things away differently. I would never expect the way I keep my home to be the "gold standard of organizing" for you in your home. When I share a project or idea it's because it works for us and maybe it will work for you too. If that's the case - great! But maybe it doesn't work for you. While my solutions and ideas resonate with my clients, many times I'm coming up with something totally different to solve their organization issues. And a big one...everyone has a different budget to work with.

Anyway, I could go on and point is - I hope sharing the work completed with clients is a help to all of you.