July 31, 2015

Simply Organized is Moving!

...and you're coming along, every step of the way!

No, *I'm* not moving. The Simply Organized blog / site is finally moving from Blogger to Wordpress!

I'm having a mix of emotions about the move, but my excitement trumps everything. Here's a few feeling bullet-points...

July 30, 2015

Simply Done: A Smart Closet

With each client I work with, I fall in love with my job a little more and discover a new space I love to organize. How is this possible? I suppose it's because I work in different, unique and lovely spaces...with different, unique and lovely people. Recently, I had a garage trend that I was loving but lately I've been in closets. Lots of closets. And this is where I found my current love trend = folding / hanging clothes.

Yes people, how do you know you love your job? When you're passionate about the most mundane tasks involved in it.

I've been working for this truly amazing family a few months now and adore them. So much. Not only do they have a beautiful home, it's a smart home. Literally. It is. And now mom has the closet and drawers of her dreams.

July 27, 2015

Get Organized Beautifully with Pop n'Store + A Giveaway!

Guys, can you believe we're in the final week of July? Not only does that mean summer is slowly drifting away, it also means back-to-school is on the horizon. I know, I know...I said school. *shudder* While it's always sad to say good-bye to those carefree, relaxed weekdays, personally I love getting back to a routine. I love helping families get re-organized for a new school year and I love getting my own home back in order.

To ease the shock on your system after saying "back-to-school", I've got just the product / giveaway to get you in the spirit...and forgive me! ;-)

Meet Pop n'Store...

My friends at Samsill have nailed it yet again. If you recall, I shared their amazing Duo Binders with you a few months ago...

Since then, they've been busy developing another must-have product to help you get organized...beautifully!...

July 17, 2015

How To Clean a Waffle Iron with Non-Removable Plates

I've missed sharing simple and easy cleaning tips with you guys...and this one comes just in time for summer. Oooooookay, more like "middle of the" summer. Or maybe July 18 is more like closer to the end of summer for you. Heck, maybe you've run out of ideas and the kids are at each other's throats so you're praying it's the end of the summer? ;-)

In any event, my waffle iron is a must-have appliance no matter what the season, but especially during the calm"er" summer mornings. You know....when we're not rushing out the door after I've thrown a couple waffles of the frozen variety into a toaster.

But if you're like me, you have a waffle iron that isn't easy to clean because the plates aren't removable. And maybe this is keeping you from a fun summer waffle making tradition. No worries, I have an easy way to get your waffle iron cleaned up with the quickness.

I have an All-Clad waffle iron and love it. Can't say enough about it...other than to tell you just how dirty it has become over the last few weeks. Even the stainless steel exterior was in need of TLC...

July 16, 2015

Simple DIY: Garage Workout Space

Funny thing...I was about to start this post saying, "With my slower summer schedule....". But guess what? That would be a complete lie. And do you like liars? Probably not. So let's just be honest and say I'm setting up this space with the hopes I will workout more since it's nearly impossible to get to the non-childcare offering gym I'm a member of. Better? Good!


Truth is, I do workout about 2-4 times a week (not that anyone would notice) but would love to workout more and in the convenience of my home. Sometimes pockets of time appear in my calendar and instead of driving to the gym or figuring out childcare, it would be great to have a space at home to workout. So, when I was cleaning out and re-organizing the garage, a workout space was at the top of my dream list. 

Happily, I can now cross that off!...

July 9, 2015

Garage Organization 101 - 5 Tips to Getting That Garage In Shape!

As a professional organizer who works with residential clients, I see it all. More often than not, my job with a client begins in the kitchen, playroom or various closets around the house. But the space I hear about most, the space I hear the most dreams about, the space that is consistently an issue in nearly every home I work in...actually isn't even inside. It's outside. It's the garage!

During my initial consultation, we make that turn toward the door to the garage and I hear audible groans or sighs. They're afraid to show me for fear of my reaction and then immediately head into a conversation about their ultimate garage dreams.

There's just something about pushing that garage door button, watching the door slowly roll up, and pulling your car inside. Yes, I did say "inside"! If that isn't enough, how about a garage where everything has its place, items are easy to locate (the first time) and it's appealing to look at and walk into. Maybe a garage that even inspires you to get more done around the house. Or tackle those lingering projects you've been meaning to get ahold of.

This is all possible. Sure it's going to take time, especially if your garage is cluttered. But the time invested will be returned 100 fold. I promise! And remember, it took a while to get to this point, it will take time to unravel to get back on track.

July 8, 2015

How Often Do You Iron?

Yes, I asked how often do you iron? Or should I really ask, do you even own an iron??

Let's be honest, these days who has time to iron? Between my children, running a business, keeping up with a blog and the day to day business of life, ironing is the last thing on my to-do list. But when push comes to shove, there are times I need to iron something myself. And when I do I want that same fresh, beautiful outcome I would receive from my local cleaner. Or better since I'm the one putting in that hard work!

July 7, 2015

Paint Inventory Sheet - Free Printable

With my garage organized, I've not only been able to dig into my own home projects, I also have the room to spread out and get jobs done for my clients. In the comfort of my own home...and on my own timeline. Which means I'm also not hanging around in their garage making a big ole mess. ;-)

And no job is messier than organizing paint. Sometimes I bring home gallons upon gallons. These jobs take time and I do it when my own kids aren't around to help make matters messier. If you haven't seen my organized paint project, you can find out all the details here...

And the can labels are even over there in that blog post for free printing!...

But the truth about paint - whether in its original can or smaller can that I've condensed - is that it doesn't last forever. So it's probably best to have a simple inventory sheet with your paints detailed in case you need to buy some for a touch-up or an entire room re-fresh.

When I was condensing my client's paint, sadly there were many cans not salvageable because the paint had already turned. No worries - before sending off to hazardous waste, I added the names to the inventory sheet. This way she still knows the paint name, brand and finish used in the laundry room. Which means she can run to her local paint store anytime to grab a fresh can of paint...

I'm not a super creative gal and like things simple anyway, so as you can tell my printable reflects that. :-)

And I'm also helpful and generous...so you can grab your own Paint Inventory printable here for free...

Yay! Organized and inventoried paint for everyone! :-) Go inventory something and have a great day!