February 25, 2015

Simply Done: In 3 Hours Time...

It's a happy day for this lady because I have a free hour to write a blog post. What? How did this happen?! You guys, I am loving my little business and the impact it's making (and I LOVE meeting new people / families!)...but I'll be totally honest and admit I sometimes long for those simple ol' blog days. Where I came up with a few projects a week around this house and shared it here. Not worried about it though. I'm actually very happy and know I'll soon find the balance to share both things happening here as well as projects completed with Simply Organized clients. And of course I love sharing giveaways with you guys....and speaking of, I have quite a few of them waiting in the wings. Just need the time here to get them up!

With that said, I do believe sharing other spaces besides my own keeps it real and true to life here on the blog. What and how I organize at home is completely different in someone else's home. Everyone puts things away differently. I would never expect the way I keep my home to be the "gold standard of organizing" for you in your home. When I share a project or idea it's because it works for us and maybe it will work for you too. If that's the case - great! But maybe it doesn't work for you. While my solutions and ideas resonate with my clients, many times I'm coming up with something totally different to solve their organization issues. And a big one...everyone has a different budget to work with.

Anyway, I could go on and on...my point is - I hope sharing the work completed with clients is a help to all of you.

And, matter of fact, today we're talking about a client space. This is the sweetest mother of three that I' had the pleasure of working with for about 5-6 weeks. I enjoy sharing her spaces because it's proof that putting aside 2.5 to 3 hours just once a week can make a huge positive impact in your home...and with your stress level. She has a busy home to run, a husband that works all day, 3 young children with varying school and after-school schedules...and one little guy that isn't even in school yet. If she has time to set aside 2-3 hours a week...you do too!

The day I was scheduled to work with her, we had plans to tackle the laundry / mudroom. But when I arrived, she was fired up to go after this closet...

I love a good fire!

She has many hot spots around the house we've been working on, but she recognized she could go another week without doing anything in the laundry room...and instead wanted to focus our morning in here. Her 2 little boys share this closet and I'd say she'd done a great job of keeping the clothing to a minimum. There isn't a dresser in this bedroom, so I applaud her for not having an abundance of clothing crammed into this closet.

The other issue she was faced with was her son and husband's passion for baseball cards...

That blue bin you see. FULL (to the top) of baseball cards and recently delivered by her husband's mother. (We love mother-in-law's!) The cards belonged to her husband when he was young...I love this! There are binders and boxes and bins full of baseball cards. At some point I'd love to help her get them super organized, but that is going to take more than 3 hours. For now, she had the room to get most of them into the closet. It was a matter of sorting out the closet contents first to make that space.

She was also ready to remove the pack-n-play, which had morphed into a toy box over the last few months...

After only 2 hours of dedicated work, some purging and folding...

My favorite part of any organization project? Finding the floor! ;-)

The baseball cards her son plays with regularly are now on the bottom shelf. Now he can easily get to AND put them away. Most of the remaining cards are in the upper right corner of the closet.

We didn't buy anything fancy, or new bins, or a new closet system. Just used the space available and made it work hard for us.

After sorting through the pack-n-play, disassembling and tucking it away in the garage, we had room for this awesome train table....which was previously sitting in the garage waiting for a home inside...

Now the kids have plenty of room to play or sort through baseball cards...

Just 2 hours guys!...

In my final 45 minutes, we labeled the bins in her playroom. I'll be sharing her newly organized playroom in a few days, but here's a sneak peek. I found these adorable Avery chalkboard labels at The Container Store...

Getting organized doesn't happen in a day. Don't watch those tv shows and have unrealistic goals / expectations. Remember, these shows have teams of people working behind the scenes.

What's realistic?...

* Make a list of the spaces you want to organize and list them in priority order.

* Take on one space at a time. And don't go onto the next space until you have completely finished that space first.

* Worried you can't get it all done in 2-3 hours? Break down the space into smaller jobs. For example, if your space is a master closet...consider doing just pants one day or just the items hanging. Break it down so you can actually finish what you started and feel accomplished when you do. Take the time to try on everything and ask yourself if you love it, you ARE going to wear it and if you have worn it in the last few years. Don't get stuck in the "what if"thinking. I'll come pinch you if you do that.

* You don't need 3 hours. Maybe start with 1 hour, then see how you feel. Set a timer and focus on that one space. And try not to get distracted. If you find something in that space that belongs somewhere else, don't leave to put it away. Set it aside and keep working in the space you've dedicated yourself to.

Have a great day guys!

February 20, 2015

Spring Cleaning Printable Bundle - It's Here!

Spring Cleaning Printable Bundle
Happy Friday! On Monday I shared a little announcement about an upcoming printable bundle sale that I'm helping promote for a few very close blogging buds. These ladies go above and beyond to organize these amazing bundles of organization, which includes work from some of the very best home management / organization bloggers I know. And they do this because it's fun and they truly want to help YOU! They once again have teamed up this spring to help you with your spring cleaning process. And again - the managed to offer the bundle to everyone for only $20!

Some of you may be snowed in and only have dreams of spring and opening up those windows to let in some fresh (more tolerable temp'd) air. If you're snowed in, consider this a time to get ahead of the game by being organized and ready! Check out the printable's and set up a timeline to hit all of the important areas around your house. Or think about starting inside first...since you're already stuck inside. Going through closets, cleaning out cabinets, getting together your pile of donations, maybe start pulling out the papers you'll need for tax season.

Whatever the case, you're sure to enjoy this bundle and you can find the link to purchase below! Enjoy!

Spring is arriving & it's time to open up the curtains and freshen up our homes. With the help of a brand new wildly popular printable bundle, you'll be able to accomplish all of these spring cleaning tasks right along with us! Clean Mama & A Bowl Full of Lemons have partnered again with several creative & fabulous bloggers, to bring you everything you need to spring clean this year.  From tons of cleaning recipes, checklists and outdoor cleaning tasks, to chore charts, closet purging & natural cleaning guides, you'll be all set and ready to conquer those dust bunnies and overflowing closets.  It's all included in this one of a kind cleaning bundle.  From February 20th to the 28th, you will have a chance to purchase this exclusive bundle. You don't want to miss out on this 85% off sale. 

For only $20, it's definitely a good thing.
Spring Cleaning Bundle
What’s included in our Spring Cleaning Printable Bundle?

You will receive 9 printable pdf kits (169 pages) including a 9 session video series in this unique bundle sale - all for only $20.   The digital files can be printed out & used to get your home in tip top shape for spring time (or anytime of the year).
  • A Bowl Full of Lemons - 2015 Spring Cleaning Kit
  • Clean Mama - Spring Cleaning Kit
  • iHeart Organizing - Donation Printable Kit
  • Clean & Scentsible - Outdoor Cleaning Kit
  • Organizing Homelife - Chore Charts for Parents & Kids
  • Country Chic Cottage - A Guide to Natural Cleaning
  • i Dream of Clean - The Ultimate Guide to Simplify Your Closet (9 Session Video Series)
  • Simplify 101 - How to Organize your Closet
  • A Slob Comes Clean - 28 Days to Hope for your Home (E-Book)
2015 Spring Cleaning Bundle
Buy NowClick Here to Order

How much does the bundle cost?

The 2015 Spring Cleaning Printable Bundle is only $20. That’s an amazing 85% off the retail cost of the kits!

How long is the bundle for sale?

The bundle will be available from 8am EST on 2/20/14 through 11:00 pm EST on 2/28/14. There are no exceptions.

Details about each kit:

Listed below are the pictures, details, and links to the 9 exclusive kits within the Spring Cleaning Printable Bundle. If you have specific questions about a kit, please email the blog associated with the kit. For general Bundle questions, you can contact us at springcleaningbundle at gmail.com. Please look at the FAQ page before emailing with questions. All kits are pdf files and will be sent to you in a zip file, once payment has been made (instant download). All files are 8.5 x 11 inches unless stated in the description.
Spring Cleaning Printable Kit via A Bowl Full of Lemons

Spring Cleaning Printable Kit via A Bowl Full of Lemons
A $10 Value

The Spring Cleaning Kit includes an organized set of checklists that take you room to room, so you can complete your spring cleaning one check at a time.  You can also print out the cleaning caddy recipe cards & make your own cleaners, to save money!

A Bowl Full of Lemons Spring Cleaning Kit includes:
  • Cover Page
  • 8 Cleaning Recipe Cards (Front & Back) 2 pages
  • Family Chores Checklist (Blank)
  • Cleaning Caddy Checklist
  • Detailed Bathroom Checklist
  • Detailed Kitchen Checklist
  • Detailed Living Room Checklist
  • Detailed Bedroom Checklist
  • Weekly Cleaning Checklist (Blank)
CLEAN MAMA  SPRING CLEANING KIT   Clean Mama's Spring Cleaning Kit

Cleaning Recipe Cards and Mini Checklists
A $10 Value

Clean Mama's Spring Cleaning Kit is the perfect solution for your spring cleaning, but you'll probably want to use it year-round! This printable kit includes pages for your homekeeping binder or notebook and functional mini cleaning checklists sure get your home tidied up in a hurry. You'll also find 5 essential cleaning recipes that you can print and trim to create a mini recipe book or use the full page version. A simple kids' checklist page (with 3 mini checklists) is perfect to get the little ones involved too! The colors are Clean Mama aqua and black to coordinate seamlessly with a variety of planners, binders, and decor. You'll love the simple and straight forward format and chic cleaning icons!  Simply print off the pages and get ready to tackle a little bit every day and move forward to a clean and organized home. Spring Cleaning shouldn’t be difficult….use this essential kit to make it simplify your routine.

Clean Mama's Spring Cleaning Kit includes:
  • SPRING CLEANING KIT COVER (with cleaning icons).
  • GUIDE/INSTRUCTIONS - guide to fitting spring cleaning into an already busy schedule.
  • ONE MONTH OF SPRING CLEANING CHECKLIST - want to tackle a little bit every day? This full page checklist is perfect and includes my proven process for getting the cleaning done in minutes/day over the course of a month.
  • MINI CLEANING CHECKLISTS (3 pages/ 9 checklists) - Supplies, Ingredients, Simple Checklist, Kitchen, Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Living Areas, Utility, and a Blank Checklist. Perfect for spring cleaning (or anytime!) Print and trim (print on cardstock and laminate for extra durability) or keep as a full page.
  • ESSENTIAL CLEANING RECIPES - My 5 favorite DIY formulas for spring cleaning - your house will smell lemon-y fresh!
  • MINI CLEANING RECIPE BOOK (2 Pages) - trim and assemble your own mini recipe book to keep on your cleaning caddy, print on cardstock and laminate for durability (as shown in images)
  • KIDS CLEANING CHECKLISTS (1 page/ 3 checklists) - want to get the kids involved? Print out the kids cleaning checklists and make a mini spring cleaning bucket and they'll be cleaning right along with you!
I Heart Organizing
I Heart Organizing
A $10 Value

Decision making can be challenging during the sorting and purging process of any organization project.  This kit will provide you with tools to ease the pain and help you sort quickly, and the colors may even keep a smile on your face while you work!  The kit provides a room-by-room checklist, sorting labels, donation tracker, donation resources and references along with a checklist of questions to ask yourself throughout the process.  With these printables, you will be well on your way to a clutter free home!

The I Heart Organizing Donation Kit includes:
  • Room by Room Declutter Guide
  • Donation Guide (3 pages)
  • Donation Tracker
  • Cut the Clutter Questions
  • 4 Sorting Signs
Blog:  http://iheartorganizing.blogspot.com/ Shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/IHeartOrganizing     Line  
Clean and Scentsible clean & scentsible
A $10 Value

The Outdoor Cleaning Kit has everything you need to get the outside of your home looking just as good as the inside!  It comes with six colorful PDF printables including checklists to keep you on track and easy to follow DIY outdoor cleaning recipes. Up your curb appeal this season and transform your outdoor spaces into a beautiful retreat!

The Outdoor Cleaning Kit Includes:
  • 2 outdoor spring cleaning checklists
  • 1 outdoor spring maintenance checklist
  • 6 DIY outdoor cleaning recipe cards
A $15 Value

Organize your entire family with this chore chart kit.  Designed for children, teens, and adults, you have several options to suit your needs.  Parent/adult/teen charts have four columns for each day of the week.  Organize chores, meals, calls, things to buy, school, sports, and much more. Print out a new schedule each week or laminate and use repeatedly.  Use a wet erase marker and wipe clean each week.  The kids’ chore charts include matching sheets of “sticker” designs.  Print out on sticker paper and use a 1” circle punch to make your own stickers.  Or, laminate the whole page, punch out the designs with your 1” circle punch and use sticky tack to use again and again.  Alternatively, the charts can be laminated and checked daily with a wet erase marker.

The Organizing Homelife Chore Chart Kit Includes:
  • A weekly chore chart for moms/adults – 1 in black and white and 1 in color
  • A weekly “construction” theme chore chart for boys
  • Boys page of stickers
  • A weekly “butterfly” theme chore chart for girls
  • Girls page of stickers
  Country Chic Cottage Your complete guide to natural cleaning picture  

A $1.99 Value

Get all of The Country Chic Cottages natural cleaning ideas in one BIG printable book.  Print this complete guide to natural cleaning and keep it as a handy reference around your home.
The Natural Cleaning Guide Includes:
  • 225 ideas for using vinegar, cream of tartar, lemons, hydrogen peroxide, steam, baking soda, corn starch, salt, and rubbing alcohol to clean.
I Dream of Clean
A $39.99 Value

SIMPLIFY YOUR CLOSET is a 9 session video course (90 minutes) designed to help you PLAN your ideal wardrobe, STREAMLINE your current closet, and CREATE outfits that fit you and your lifestyle. Instructions for accessing the video course will be given in the PDF file included in the bundle. This file includes a direct link to sign up for the online course, which must take place by March 15th.

Simplify 101

A $19 Value

At simplify 101 we believe life is more fulfilling (and fun!) when you're organized in a way that's just right for you. We offer online classes that make getting organized easy and affordable. They're designed to help you create customized organizing systems that cut clutter and reduce stress, giving you more time for what matters most to you.

The How to Organize Your Closet printable pack includes:
  • Everything you need to transform your closet from chaotic and cluttered to functional and fabulous.
  • Includes all written lesson materials, questionnaires, organizing checklists & planning forms delivered as colorful, printable, & editable pdfs.
  • 69 pages in total / 2 lessons of easy-to-implement content from simplify 101's class "Organize Your Closet."
Disclaimer:  The printable bundle does not include online class features such as MP3 audio files, access to the simplify 101 community forum, access to online class videos, or access to class materials on the simplify 101 website.
A Slob Comes Clean
A $5.00 Value

28 Days to Hope for Your Home, an e-book by Dana K White ("Nony" of A Slob Comes Clean) guides even the most overwhelmed homemaker through the development of four basic habits that will get (and keep) any home under control.

28 Days to Hope for Your Home includes:
  • 28 days of specific instructions to help you develop four basic (but essential) home management habits.
  • Insights into why these concepts seem foreign to you.
  • Practical tips to keep you from giving up.
  • Bonus sections with realistic strategies for laundry management, meal prep, and decluttering.
  • More than 45 pages of all new, exclusive content!
LineAre you as excited as I am about getting clean and organized this Spring? For only $20 this is an amazing value...the motivation and inspiration alone is worth the small investment. To buy the bundle now, just click the "buy now" button below...
Buy NowClick Here to Order

Important Details:
  • If you have any questions or issues with your Spring Cleaning Bundle, please visit the FAQ page. Look over the questions and answers on the page BEFORE emailing. If you have not found your answer on the FAQ page, please email springcleaningbundle at gmail dot com. To ensure that your question is answered in a timely manner, please take care to email at the "Spring Cleaning Bundle" address (not our personal blog email address). Please note that due to high email volume, we will do our best to respond within 24 hours – thank you for your patience! When emailing, please include a copy of your Paypal receipt and highlight your issue in the “subject” line.
  • The Spring Cleaning Bundle is an exclusive sale & only available from 8 a.m. EST on February 20th to 11:00 p.m. EST on February 28th, 2015. There are no exceptions.
  • PLEASE DO NOT SHARE THE BUNDLE WITH ANYONE ELSE.  It is intended solely for the person who purchased the bundle. Please be respectful of the authors’ copyrights.
  • After purchasing, you will automatically receive an email (to the email address you provide) containing the download link. Please check your spam or promotions folder, if you cannot find the email.
  • Please download and back up your Spring Cleaning Bundle AS SOON AS YOU RECEIVE IT. You only have 5 download attempts to access your files. The download link expires on 3/15/15. After that date, we will not be able to provide new links to download. Please remember to back up your files. We are unable to send you copies of the printable bundle that have been deleted or lost. We will not respond to those emails.
  • Due to the digital nature of this sale, there will be no refunds & no exceptions.
  • If you have any questions or issues with a specific printable included in this bundle, please contact that author directly.
  • The bundle is provided as a zip file. Please read the download directions on the FAQ page, if you are unsure of how to download a zip file, BEFORE attempting.
Disclosure: This is an affiliate post. If you purchase a bundle from my link, 
I will receive a small percentage of the sales. Thank you for your support!

February 16, 2015

Simply Done: New Closets...Party of 3

Recently I had the pleasure of re-designing three closets in one home. This sweet little family was struggling with closet systems that weren't set up to truly utilize and maximize the entire space. And the closets in the girls' bedrooms weren't set up for the way the put their clothing away. One of my absolute favorite parts of my job? Making people happy by helping them re-design a closet or set up new simple systems that work. I wish you could all be there with me at the end of a job to see those smiles and hears those squeals! It's the best! I couldn't wait to help this family...especially since all three closets belong to the three ladies of the house.

When it comes to closet re-design, I try my best to first work with what we have. I mean, why ruin a good thing? It's not always the closet system that isn't working for you...it's the way you're using it. Or not using it, I suppose. All you may need is a little tweaking to get it just right. So it was perfect when 2 of the 3 closets already had elfa systems installed.

(pssst...I'm not getting paid to talk about elfa. It's really a system I've used time and again and it works. That's all!)

I LOVE elfa because it grows and adapts with you. You can update or change as needed. You can even tear it down and re-use it in a totally different space in your home. The family decided to stick with elfa for all 3 closets, so I simply re-designed the 2 existing elfa closets and added a brand new 3rd system for mom.

My favorite day? When the materials are here and installation gets going...

Let's start in the office. I think we all have one of these "catch-all" closets. In this room dad was keeping his cooking smocks, overflow work clothes, cooking magazines, heavy work books and luggage / travel related items. Mom was keeping work-out gear, camera equipment, office supplies and home decor items. What she was lacking was a spot in the house for linens and towels because the house doesn't have a linen closet.

At first glance I knew exactly what I wanted to create for her...

Out with the old. You can see just how much wasted space there is in here when you aren't using that entire wall...

Yep, everything out...

And in with the shiny new...

Have a look at their newly organized office / linen closet...

This transformation took a matter of 2-3 hours. Yes, no joke. How? By keeping it simple! She didn't need drawers or want fancy containers. Just a place where everything could be neatly put away. And she had the space for it...it was just a matter of putting her ideas / habits into action.

All of the swim towels, overflow towels, extra bedding and cleaning rags are on the left. In the middle, the elfa shelf baskets contain her husband's hat collection, camera equipment, extra work bags and books, and I used magazine files to contain his cooking magazine collection and extra office supplies...

Why stuff office supplies in a drawer or stack them in piles when you can get them upright into magazine files?...

And dad still has plenty of room in here for his overflow work clothes, jerseys and cooking smocks...

As you'll see, these 2 precious sisters couldn't be more different in terms of hobbies / interests. In M's sporty room, we went from this...

Why didn't those standard's go all the way down?? Don't waste your vertical space this way, friends...

To this...

She isn't the kid to hang items - instead she loves drawers. So we added more drawers and even a built-in laundry hamper to keep her floor space free to play ball.

I also had time to freshen up a corner of her room...

You guys know me, I'll find any way to re-use an organization solution. I used the old elfa free-standing drawer unit to organize some of her school supplies, stuffed animals, nerf guns and balls...

And in our dancer's room, we went from this...

To this...

Don't think for a second I wasn't in heaven in this pink room. Love!...

Using simple chalkboard labels (from Avery and I found them at The Container Store) helps R know exactly what's inside each of her pretty pink bins...

I refreshed her corner of the bedroom too by using her old elfa drawer system to contain her dance bags, purses, stuffed animals and desk supplies...

I spy an iDBeadz...

This project was too much fun to be called work!

Some before and afters...

Before you ditch the closet system you currently own, think about how you can instead tweak it to make it work better for you. You'll save money too!

Have a great day guys!