March 22, 2012

liebster blogging award

a few weeks ago i was nominated for the liebster blogging award from 2 blogging friends - amy at home happy home and shirley at motivated mommy of two. it was so sweet of them to honor me with the award and share my blog with their readers.

thank you, amy and shirley!

what is the liebster blogging award?

i had no idea, either! so i set out to look around and find the answer. a google search pretty much left me with the same confusion and no real answer. and i discovered that a lot of other bloggers that received the award were just as stumped as to the award origins.

however, what i did find out was that this little award is simply a way to lift up new bloggers that are sharing great entries. and the person nominating you would like their readers to take a look at your blog.

personally, i think that is the biggest honor in all of this. the fact that amy and shirley love my blog enough to share it with their readers. that is the ultimate compliment. when you are in the early stages of setting up your blog, getting into a flow, finding your reader-base - just knowing someone out there is reading and enjoys reading makes you feel pretty good! i started simply organized in october and it's been nothing but a pleasure for me. so fun and not at all "another thing to do". it's been my escape from motherhood and gives me a fun place to share my ideas, projects and money saving tips. i have to admit, after all of the hard work these last few months, it was nice to be recognized :-)

now that i received the award, it's time for me to pay it forward. the rules that follow receiving the award are:

*to choose 3-5 lessor known or new-ish blogs to share the award with and post their links on your blog,

*these blogs should have less than 300 followers,

*and show a big thanks to the blogger that awarded you by posting their link on your blog.

since i've already thanked amy and shirley, now i'm going to share 5 of my favorite blogs. i'm sure 2 of them have slightly more than 300 followers, but it's not notable on their blogs...and why not share some fun blogs that you may not be aware of?! the other 3 are ladies i know personally. all 3 are incredible up and coming photographers. you will melt while viewing their precious photos of newborns and children.

soooo, without further chatter, here is my list of blogs that i am passing on this award to...

1. it's great to be home - you will LOVE Liz and her adventures in home improvement. she and her husband purchase homes, renovate (with amazing taste and style!), and re-sell. i love following along. she also has a great home herself and she's expecting their first child. great blog to read!

2. Satori Design for Living - Shauna not only has a beautiful blog, but it's full of organization ideas, design inspiration, and guest bloggers. it's a treat every time she posts something new.

3. life via lens - Lauren is an incredible photographer! she shares personal stories and photos of her own gorgeous children along with photos of her precious clientele. enjoy this one!!

4. noa green photography - Noa is another amazing photographer! she shares photos of her sweet daughter, her own adventures in life, and photos of her precious clients. you will fall in love with her style!

5. lora lynch photography - Lora is an awesome photographer! she shares photos of her children, her clients and there is a variety of eye candy...from children to weddings to senior portraits - there will be something to leave you smiling and inspired.

enjoy meeting these new friends - i hope you will visit and follow them all!


  1. Replies
    1. awe, i am so glad i made you smile! you deserve it! i totally enjoy reading along with you!

  2. Ack! Thank you for choosing my site as one of your 5 - that was so incredibly thoughtful of you! :)


  3. Found your blog via the Blog Hop. I’m your newest GFC follower!

    1. hi laura! thank you for finding me and joining! i'm off to check off your blog now! :-)

  4. I am so behind in saying thanks for this award - THANK YOU!!! :) Such a fun thing to see, I feel fancy!

    1. awe! you are so sweet! and you are SOOO welcome! and deserving!

      i love reading your updates so i can see what you have fixed up in the flip next. you have great style and taste. i love that new coffee nook too! so me and my husband :-)