July 9, 2012

organized father's day cards

you guys know how much i love to send greeting cards. i've shared with you how i organize the greeting cards we send to family and friends. but even more so, i love to keep special cards we receive. especially when it comes to mother's day, father's day, birthday and anniversary cards. nothing is more precious than looking back at the way your child colored or wrote their name. it's fun to see your child's personal sentiments at that phase of their life. and i love reading through the sweet messages written to me over the years by my husband. 

up until this weekend, this is how my stash of cards looked...

there's actually more than this lone bin - ssshhhhhh! don't give away my little secret :-)

inside this bin, i was keeping many of the cherished cards from our children...

who doesn't love a handmade paper airplane card that says "i love you mommy" with hearts all over it??!! and yes, that is me up front flying the plane. because mommy doesn't just cook great meals, drive them everywhere, set up playdates and sleepovers....she also flies an airplane. :-)....

here is a sweet card my husband gave me for Christmas several years ago...

it's more than the pretty decoration on the card, it's all about what is written on the inside.

i was getting tired of seeing these precious cards packed away in a bin. for months i have wanted to organize the cards in a way that honors them AND allows us to easily flip through them when we feel like it. it was certainly not easy flipping through the cards in this bin. i've seen some great inspiration ideas on pinterest, like this one...

after our recent father's day celebration, i had enough and decided something must be done. my husband received quite a few cards from us this year. when i opened the bin to shove place them inside, there was no room! so, we gave daddy a belated father's day gift. a binder full of father's day cards...in chronological order from 2004 (when he first became a daddy) through today...with plenty of room to add more!

if you are struggling with the same organization issue, today i'm going to share how i assembled the binder so you can make one of your own!

to start, i grabbed several 3" binders from staples...

i bought 4 to begin with and will share each binder with you as i complete them. but for today we are focusing on father's day cards...

the 3" binders are great for this project because cards can be thick and, when combined together, can be heavy. i wanted something nice and strong to keep the cards in place forever. the clips on this 3" binder are sturdy...

then i spent a few hours (am not the best or quickest design talent!) putting together this cute little subway art binder cover...

the boys helped me with the words. one wanted to add the heart and the other didn't...to compromise, we made 2 versions. :-)

i also created a simple binder spine cover. you'll notice there are "volumes" noted on the bottom of each spine. there are many more years of father's day cards to come and i wanted to be prepared...

since the binder cover is large, i found a complimentary colored sheet of scrapbook paper and cut it down to size...

and placed the binder cover page in place on top of the scrapbook paper...

next up, i cut the spine cover to fit...

a little tip - if you open the binder all the way and lay it flat, it makes it easier to slip that binder spine into the pocket...

i tucked the 2 remaining binder spines in the inside pocket of the binder for safe keeping...

binder = done!...

now it was time to organize the cards! i separated the cards by year...

then using a large heavy-duty 3-hole punch, i added the cards to the binder...

here is our final product...

and i loved seeing this little beauty sitting in the office closet...

this has been one of the projects i have wanted to tackle forever...and i'm excited to have made progress in the forward direction after so many years of popping those cards into a sad little bin. there are more binders yet to come and i'll be sure to share them right here over the next few weeks.

in the meantime, i thought you would like to create a binder of your own....i saved all of the printable's to share here with you - my sweet readers. below you will find access to all 3 files i created.



  1. such a GREAT idea!! I have a ton of cards EVERYWHERE!! lol pinning...

    1. awe! thank you so much!!! i hope you are able to do the same thing with your cards. we love to look through them over the years and it's much easier to do that when they are nicely organized in a binder :-)

      i also managed to find a few cards where i recorded our boys talking to daddy. omg, had totally forgotten about them - and they still worked! from 2008! i loved hearing their sweet little voices. funny what you find when you get organized :-)

      take care,

  2. I have saved every birthday card since I was a little girl. I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to have these cards especially from cherished ones no longer here. Another thing I did as a child starting in about 3rd grade....I purchased autograph books and I had all my friends and family sign them. I got a new one every year. Those are sweet too, with personal notes not always in a card. Thanks for all your ideas. Genah

    1. hi there,

      i have too! i have so many cards from when i was little and i really enjoy seeing cards from family members that have passed. i even have some very special cards for our children from family members that have passed. it's a great way to keep them connected to those loved ones.

      you're welcome for the ideas - i love to share!

      samantha :-)

  3. I did one of these the other day too, it's such a good idea! I really love how yours' turned out :)

    1. how awesome! great minds think alike, friend! :-)

      thanks for the compliment - i am so happy with the outcome too!


  4. This is a great idea! All my cards are in boxes stashed away for some day .. you've made me realise there is no value in that and your folder system would make it much easier to pull down and reminisce every once in a while. Thanks for the tip on laying the folder flat to insert the spine, I just recently did a project with folders like that and it was painful to insert the spine! Visiting from the Clean & Scentsible linky, Stacey-Lee :D

    1. hi stacey-lee,

      thank you so much for coming by and leaving a sweet comment! and i'm so glad this idea inspired you to maybe do the same with your cards. it is nice to have the ability to "see" them. if we're going to keep them, i'd like them to have meaning and be easily accessible, you know? :-)

      thank you again for stopping by!
      sam :-)

  5. Thank you for sharing this... Great ideas..love it

    1. you're welcome! so glad it is helpful!