October 31, 2012

our daughter's nursery

over the course of my blogging career (one short year), i've been slowly working my way through the house sharing a little home tour. today, i'm sharing a view into our daughter's nursery. we absolutely love her bedroom, but know very soon we will be looking into a big girl bed and the room will change.

*sniff sniff*

they really do grow much too quickly.

we have lots of ideas for her one-day-to-come big girl room, but in the meantime we are thoroughly enjoying her room in all its sweet girly-ness. i hope you enjoy this look into her space...and, yes, there will be talk about organization in this space as well! :-)

welcome to her room...

there are a few impact items in this space - the curtains, the chandelier and then there is the awesome argyle painted wall. more on the wall in a bit...

along her entry wall we have a simple dresser and a glider/ottoman...

the dresser doubles as a changing table (made by lay-z-boy kids). the table-top changer is removable - and at age 2.5 i think we're getting pretty close to removing it!...

the wall above her dresser was empty for quite a while. i struggled over exactly how to decorate that space, but i'm so glad i waited. now that she is in pre-school a few mornings a week, this wall is the perfect spot to showcase her artwork (art string from land of nod)...

as with most items found in her room, everything has a lot of special meaning. this glider and ottoman were gifted to us from my in-laws. it was a gift from them when we were expecting our first child. the memories this chairs holds. *sigh* we have sat in this chair with all 3 children for the last 8 years...reading books, calmly rocking at the end of a long day, nursing, and more. sweet memories and this is a chair i hope to keep around forever. the handmade pink blanket is from one of my best friends from college...

i love her sweet night light, too...

opposite from her dresser is her crib area (crib from babystyle)...

yup, all 3 kiddos slept in this crib too. ahhh, the memories!

here is a better shot of the argyle wall....don't you love it?...

in the corner beyond her crib she keeps all of her best stuffie's in a pottery barn kids floor canvas tote...

this adorable lamb rug was a gift from a very special friend...

she gave this to me at one of my showers and when i opened it i knew exactly what i would use it for...besides an adorable room decoration. each month from newborn through her first year, i had our daughter lay or sit on the rug...and i took a photo...

it's a great way to catalog their growth...because, again, they simply grow too fast!

and sometimes, after they are mobile, they are too wiggly to be still for a photo...

but that is all part of the fun, right? to catch them at their various developmental stages. i snapped a photo of her each month through age 1. then every 6 months since following. i love those memories...and hopefully she will enjoy looking back on them one day too.

moving to the next wall...

 she has a great little bookcase (from target) full of her favorite books...

this room has a bathroom and large closet behind this door you see along this wall...

because of the included bathroom, this used to be our guest room (thus, the tv on her bookcase). now it's more girly heaven...

i purchased the adorable shelf from a friend of mine who was selling it. scored it for $40! it's from land of nod and i adore it! it's a great place to stow away items that i need quick access to while the kids are bathing...

one day i dream of it becoming a great little art shelf, where i can hide away bins and bins of supplies.

the coat rack, which we have turned into a robe stand, is also from land of nod...

if you'd like to take a peek inside her closet, you can see it here.

she has 3 small bathroom drawers. the top drawer has just a few small items we need...

the remaining drawer contents aren't really worth sharing...it's mainly toilet paper. :-)

here is the current state of her dresser drawers...this drawer is directly under the changing table; daytime and nighttime diapers, wipes, ointments, etc...

shirts and pants folded and placed in the drawer in rows for easy viewing/access...

same with pajamas and misc items...

we're still stocking up her winter wardrobe, so it looks like she doesn't have a lot to wear...she does!...

the drawer inserts are from ikea and have been with us since before our oldest child was born - 8 years. over the years we have used them in the kids bedrooms and in various spots around the house. they are a great way to store items away in kids drawers!

finally, i wanted to share one possible re-purpose idea in regards to our daughter's space. you guys know how much i love to re-use old items to create new organization solutions. when it comes to our crib, it's something i will have a very difficult time parting with. since all 3 kids slept in the crib over the last 8 years, it's almost become a part of me...definitely my heart. well, i found some wonderful ideas for re-purposing cribs that have been tugging on my heartstrings...and leave me feeling a bit stronger about the day we eventually have to move it out of the house.

how about this idea....

someone (clearly very smart!) took their crib spring, painted it, hung it on the wall, and it's now being used to corral crafting items. LOVE that!!!

and here you can see someone is using a crib rail as a wall crafting organizer...

sooooo smart and a precious way to preserve a small bit of a very cherished memory. just thought i would share this inspiration with you. our crib will eventually play a small role in our daughter's big girl bedroom...or maybe my crafting room.

i hope you have enjoyed this little tour! thanks for coming by to see it!

and happy halloween!


  1. Beautiful! You have such great taste :)

    1. hi angela!

      thank you so much!


  2. Beautiful, love the argyle wall, and her bath is so cute, with that little robe stand, just too cute!

  3. Your little one is beautiful and she is one lucky baby! Her space to grow in is amazing. I love her bathroom the most I think. Thanx for coming to party at THT! Have a great Halloween!

  4. Awesome doesn't begin to describe that argyle wall! I'm in LOVE! :)

    Thanks for such a great peek into her room! We have one boy now, but hopefully someday we'll adopt a girl and I can borrow some of your ideas! :)


    ps: Love those ideas on how to preserve the crib. We got a convertible crib partly for that reason!

  5. Well, at least the colors and argyle design can grow with her if you want it to. Beautiful room.

    1. I want to do a tone on tone argyle design in my older daughter's room in an aqua color. I pinned it on pinterest. I am too chicken to try though.

  6. What a beautiful bedroom {and bathroom!!} Love all of the personal touches and that wall is amazing! Thanks so much for coming out to the party at Clean and Scentsible. Happy Halloween!
    Jenn :)

  7. Gorgeous room - so organized and pretty, too! It's HUGE! That girl will be one happy girl when she realizes she has a bathroom attached to her room ;)

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  8. Oh my goodness!!! This room is GORGEOUS!! My youngest (of three) is 4 1/2 and I know exactly how you feel about having to party with the crib someday :( I had the hardest time with the crib and our glider chair, because of all of the memories. You have to tell me about the shower curtain in your daughter's bathroom...it is awesome!!! Thanks for sharing this with us!!

  9. This is so pretty! The chandelier and argyle wall are fabulous! I'm emailing this to my friend that is getting ready to decorate her nursery. Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Very pretty - tranquil and sweet!
    Would love if you stopped by my party to link this up!
    Stacey of Embracing Change


  11. I absolutely loved this tour...eye candy all the way through and a precious baby as well :)

  12. What a beautiful nursery!
    That argyle wall is fabulous!
    And what a lucky baby...a bathroom all for her! She is precious!

  13. Her room is so so sweet! I love the diamond wall and the organizational tips! It IS so true that they grow up too quicly. :( Im so glad, from a Mamas point of view, that you got so many beautiful pictures before it becomes a big girl room. What great memories captured! xo

  14. Beyond gorgeous! That wall is just amazing..........and guess what? One day you're wondering how to transform a nursery into a big girl's room - and the next ( today actually ) you're helping her pick out her wedding gown ( tears for real )
    Your newest follower - would love to have you come by and follow back when you have the time!

  15. Such a pretty room and bathroom! Love the wall for sure!! You did an amazing job on it. Thank you for sharing. Would love it if you would share this at my Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House which goes live at 8am CST on Monday. http://thededicatedhouse.blogspot.com Hope to see you at the bash! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  16. Love the transformation. I can tell a lot of love went into it. Found you on my front porch to yours.

  17. Your little daughter's nursery is so sweet. The argyle wall is amazing -- did you do that?