November 27, 2012

Project Update: DVD washi tape dividers

a few months ago i organized our collection of DVDs. i'm happy to report the system has been working very well for us!

i received a few questions from readers about the plastic DVD sleeves, their quality and if they have been holding up with the kids. yes! they have been working well and we have not experienced one single tear.

that said - the cases have been working well...yes.

and we love not having the original DVD cases all over the house...yes.

and we like that this system is condensed, streamlined, and looks awesome.

but even the best organizational systems need a tweak here and there. we figured out a major tweak to be made to this system over the long thanksgiving break.

here is where we started...

still looking good.


normally, our kids do not have full access to the DVDs unless mom and dad are there to help. over the break we got a little lax on the rule because our 6 year old is back into a major scooby-doo phase. he wasn't necessarily watching the scooby DVDs. he just wanted to hold them, look at them, and carry them around the house. no biggie. but when it was time to put them away or when he wanted to search through the bin to find them, we discovered an issue....

since it was difficult to put them away or find what we were looking for without them being in ABC order, he would just plop them down somewhere in the house. at the end of the day, as i did the usual house pick up, i collected the sleeves to put away in the bin.

i have to admit, even i was getting a little annoyed while trying to put them away.

since we have collected a few new DVDs over the last few months, it was time to move forward on this little tweak to the system...

what i did was create ABC order dividers out of manilla folders. the large box of folders i purchased to organize the office desk drawers was the perfect item for the job because of the sturdy texture. and to be totally honest, i will never use all of those manilla folders. they will sit in the closet forever. so, this was a great way to re-purpose a few of them.

to start, i split one of the manilla folders in half...

then, i used one of the plastic DVD sleeves as my guide...

and cut the folder so there was about a 1/2" remaining on the top - the area that would be labeled...

each manilla folder gave me 3 dividers...

here's the final stack...

a little tip to save time on this project...i only created dividers for the letters of the alphabet i needed. i didn't complete the entire alphabet because we don't need all of the letters and we prefer purchasing movies on apple tv / i-tunes. 

once the folders were cut down, i used my label maker and washi tape to complete the job...

i added a strip of tape to the top...

then added the letter label...

to create this little beautiful yet simple tweak....

this is going to make our life a little easier!...

organizational bliss. it's the little things!


  1. Great idea! I am actually tackling this very project over the next 2 weeks :-) I found your original post a couple weeks ago and decided to definitely do it...especially since my boys get a lot of new movies for christmas.

    1. yay!!! sounds awesome! be sure to report back to me so i can see some pics! :-)


  2. Samantha, I've been trying to figure out where I can donate a bunch of leftover manilla folders! This is great! I can put them to good use!! :) I use the same sleeves to store our DVDs although I use a couple of boxes from Ikea. Thank you!! :)

    1. hi laura!

      so glad this idea may help you! yay!!! let me know if you end up doing it because i love a good before and after story. :-)


  3. I looked for washi tape at Joanns and Michaels the other day ... where do you buy it? I am the kind of girl that keeps them in the original case and alphabetizes them. :) Silly me!

    1. hi there,

      i found my small rolls of tape at target - in the office supply section near the post-it notes. what i love is that it's inexpensive at target AND you get 4 rolls in the package! :-)

      hope that helps you!

  4. That is so clever! I have the perfect box but they are all jumbled. I really needed this!

  5. This is BRILLIANT! We literally have a stack of CD's just hanging out on the top of our coat closet... it's not a great system at all, I'm sure you can imagine. I reach up to get anything down and *ping-ping-ping-ping* they all topple down.

    I would LOVE it if you would share this over at my weekly Friday Link-up. I'm also pinning this as well. :)

  6. {LOVE} this!!! Such a cute idea - pinning to my washi board now & sharing on FB & twitter :) Found you via the DD&D link up. xx Melissa @ mamamiss

  7. What a great idea! We've even trying to find a good way to store our DVDs and I think this would work prefect for our family. I can't wait to organize my DVDs now :) thank you!!

  8. This is great!! Thank you so much! Would you be able to tell me where you purchase your DVD sleeves? I can't seem to find ones tall enough to hold the cover only the DVD. Thanks again!!

  9. I just love this idea and can't wait to start! I was wondering if the cover fits in the plastic sleeve with the DVD? The covers I have found all seem to only be big enough for the DVD.
    Just love your blog and your great ideas!
    Thanks !!

  10. Hi I have two laundry baskets full of DVD and 4 of the dvd books that you showed in your post I just ordered those sleeves thru walmart and they should be here in 10 days (free shipping) meanwhile I am going to get the file folders cut, taped and labeled and find the baskets. I think I can get those at Michaels Crafts store. thanks for the idea.thanks so much for the idea. ok got to go to Michaels Laurie