December 21, 2012

best of holiday printable's

we are very lucky to have an online community of talented graphic designers and artists that share their products and projects with us. it's simply amazing the precious items you can find online...for free! i've said this before, but i'm not an artistic person. so i am immensely grateful to these awesome designers for sharing their talents with us...for every possible season and event. thank you!

since we are inching ever more closely to Christmas day, and you may be chest knee deep in wrapping gifts or placing those last minute touches around your home, i thought today i would share some of my favorite printable's you can find online. i've pinned all of these to my holiday printable's board PLUS more - so be sure to check out my board for more ideas. this is just a small sampling.

personally, i love all of the unique gift tags you can print...right at home for NO cost (other than the paper and printer ink you already have on hand!).


1 comment:

  1. It was my Christmas morning reading this post!! Thank you for all of the WONDERFUL and free, printables!!!